Hello. I’m lwboac. You probably don’t know me, but if you do then I would appreciate it if you spare some time to read this, because this is my last post.


I am Taiwanese. I’m not very good at talking. I like to draw, I really like to draw. Drawing is not only a hobby to me. It’s my way to communicate with people, to make friends, on the Internet, and in real life.


For a long time I have some trouble dealing with people. I feel anxieous when I have to walk up to people even if I’m just lining up or walking by. I have uncontrollable delusions that someone is constantly watching me when sitting in class and I have to make notes to reminds myself not to think about it too much. I can’t casually talk to people because whenever I try to my mind just goes wild and makes up that person’s thoughts and it’s too much that I have to pay extra time to arrange my own thoughts and put them into words. I had a really hard time getting to know people, and drawing is the only thing that brings me friends.


If you ever noticed me on this website, you might also know that I’ve been doing fanart recently. And among these drawing what I drew most is Atlas.


For some personal reasons I had not tried digital art, not to mention posting it. But I can’t believe there are some other people who likes him as much as or even more than I do. When I found Maggie and the-firestorm I got super hyped because you two are probably the only aficionados I’ll ever find in this galaxy. My friend encouraged me to do fanarts again to contact you if I’m not confident with my English. And I listened to her words.


Maggie and the-firestorm, I’m so happy you two like my drawings and I’m really appreciated all the lovely comments you put in tags. They’ve been a strong motivation and drive me to do more drawings. And they makes me really looking forward that we might actually become friends.


So I really don’t understand why things would ever become like this.


Maggie, I totally understand that you are upset her reply on DA. If I were you I could probably go nuts and send her a long message about that she had pissed me off attached with a crazily long deduction about how her reply made me angry. But for what ever reason you just can’t do personal attacks. Why are you doing this to her? Why won’t you just tell her about how you feel about her attitude? Everybody has their shortages and hers is about communication and I thought you wwould know that because that’s quite obvious and you’ve known her much longer than I have! Are you really that mad that you have to call all your friends to harass and bully her? Can you really not tell if someone is being mean on purpose or is just not aware of their wording? She’s never give a thought that you broke it on purpose, she’s just simply confused why your necklace is broken for god’s sake!


I really regret that I posted that drawing of Atlas, that I contributed in the early stage of this drama. I have been thinking about this over and over and I’m pretty sure thatmy drawing was the trigger of this ridiculous arguement. I can’t even study or fall asleep before sunrise because my head has been full of thoughts like” If I hadn’t posted that drawing things wouldn’t become like this.””If I hadn’t post any drawings than it would be no posibility of this.” I was so ashamed that I deleted my blog and DA account bacause I felt I have lost that right to stay any longer.


But I have to come back to publicly apologize to The-Firestorm. I’m so so sorry for bring you so much trouble. If there’s any other people that’s also effected by this event I’m also really sorry to you. I will never come back to cause any problem.


And Maggie, thanks for all the memory you have brought me. Now you have my full permission to hate me, despite me, harrass me, dig out every drawing I made and say how bad they are, cause every rumor you want to cause, but don’t bother to thinking how to drive me out of this fandom, you already did it.


I hope you have fun with your ask blog.